Server Room Design

Technology has enabled companies to perform more efficiently and optimally. This is the reason why companies have IT departments in the first place. They are in charge of maintaining hardware & software which the company utilizes for its operations. There is a central location where you can find big computers that are capable of streamlining the handling of the entire company data. We call this the server room.

A server room is an important area for many businesses, schools, hospitals, and universities require Server Rooms to provide on premises support of their critical Information Technology (IT) applications. We specialize in the design, installation, Raised Flooring Systems, Aisle Containment, and maintenance of server rooms.

When a company designs or upgrades an area to a server room, it needs to have certain things set up. With a specific design, you can avoid problems that can come with a new server room. A server room must have some, or even all, of the following design aspects added in order to allow technical equipment to operate properly :

  •    Precise Environmental Control
  •    Airflow Planning
  •    Fire Suppression System
  •    Cable Management Solutions
  •    Redundant Power Sources
  •    Physical Security