RF Code R155 Environment Monitoring Humidity-Temperature Sensor

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The R155 Humidity-Temperature Sensor monitors the ambient temperature and relative humidity inside of your data center racks, enabling the easy mapping of data center temperature profiles and airflow optimization.

RF Code’s R155 Humidity-Temperature Sensor monitors and reports the relative humidity and ambient temperature in its immediate environment. It is designed for use in environmentally- sensitive areas, such as IT data centers.Periodically reporting its unique ID along with the data observed by the sensor, the R155 is designed for use in combination with all RF Code fixed and mobile readers. This single use, affordable sensor is mounted in an impact resistant polycarbonate enclosure with strong adhesive on the back of the case. The sensor has an accuracy of +/- 2°F and +/- 5% RH(typical).

  • Accurate temperature monitoring within 2°F
  • Accurate humidity monitoring within 5% relative humidity (RH)
  • Encoded radio transmissions at 433 MHz
  • Ideal for monitoring rack installed assets and sensitive equipment
  • Industrial-strength adhesive mounting and flexible mounting options
  • Works with all RF Code fixed and mobile readers
  • Real-time temperature and humidity monitoring for safe protection of racked assets
  • Enhances customers’ existing Active RFID infrastructure
  • Ideal for high density environments

Operating Frequency- 433.92 MHz
Unique Sensor ID Codes- > 540,000 unique IDs per Group Code
Typical Transmission Range- > 30 ft in the data center; up to 300 ft open field
Radiated Emissions- 71.8 dBuV/m at 3 meters (maximum)
Modulation- ASK
Stability- Saw stabilized


Width- 1.84 in (46.7 mm)
Depth- 1.35 in (34.3 mm)
Height- 0.46 in (11.9 mm)
Case Weight (with sensor)- 1.20 oz (34.16 g)
Construction- Lexan polycarbonate enclosure with sensor cutout
Durability- Tough, impact resistant and temperature stable
Mounting Options- 3M 200 MP adhesive, zip-tie loop lanyard


Operating Temperature- -20° C to +70° C (-4° F to +158° F)
Storage Temperature- -40° C to +80° C (-40° F to +176° F)
Temperature Sensor Accuracy- +/- 2° F (typical)
Humidity Sensor Accuracy- +/- 5% RH (typical)


Battery Type- Lithium CR2032 replaceable coin cell
Smart Sensor Features- Low battery indication
Battery Life- > 5 years*

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