RF Code R135 Environment Monitoring Fluid Detector Sensor

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The “wire-free” R135 Fluid Detector Sensor features a revolutionary thin-film leak sensor that can easily be applied to floors, walls, or even wrapped around pipes or other objects.

The R135 Fluid Detector Sensor is a real-time liquid detection sensor that totally eliminates the need to wire or cable a data center for liquid leak detection capabilities. Combining thin-film technology with RF Code’s real-time, wire-free environmental monitoring technology, the sensor provides the freedom and ease to deploy liquid detection wherever vulnerabilities to conductive liquids threaten expensive IT assets.

  • Encoded Radio Transmissions at 433 MHz
  • Leak Sensor Film Can Be Easily Applied to Floors, Walls or Pipes
  • Instant Dry or Clear Notification
  • Wire-free Sensor Provides Wireless Leak Detection Notification
  • Integrates with RF Code’s CenterScape and Asset Manager software solutions
  • Easy-to-Deploy, “Wire-free” Monitoring
  • Low Power Consumption for Long Battery Life

Operating Frequency- 433.92 MHz
Group Code & Sensor ID Codes- > 540,000 unique IDs per Group Code
Typical Transmission Range- > 30 ft in the data center
Radiated Emissions- 71.8 dBuV/m at 3 meters (maximum)
Modulation ASK
Stability- Saw stabilized
Minimum Switching Time (Open)- 200ms minimum
Minimum Switching Time (Closed)- 200ms minimum
Maximum Switching Rate- 20 cycles per minute
Minimum Reporting Time- 3 seconds per cycle
Resistance (Open)- >50M ohm
Resistance (Closed)- <1M ohm


Case Length- 1.70 in (43.18 mm)
Case Width- 2.88 in (73.15 mm)
Case Height- 0.50 in (12.7 mm)
Case Weight (with sensor)- 0.66 oz (18.71 g)
Wire Length- 12 in (304.79 mm)
Construction- Injection-molded polycarbonate enclosure
Durability- Tough, impact resistant and temperature stable
Mounting- Options Industrial-strength adhesive or screw-mountable snap-in bezel


Operating Temperature- -20° C to +70° C
Storage Temperature- -40° C to +80° C
Sealing- Splash resistant


Battery Type- Lithium CR2032 replaceable coin cell
Smart Sensor Feature- Low battery indication
Battery Life- > 5 years (typical)

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