Raritan PX3TS-1469R PDU

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Raritan PX3TS-1469R PDU, 1-Phase, 230V AC 32A, 20 Outlets (16 X C13, 4 X C19) 2U, Horizontal transfer switch.

Raritan's PX3TS Rack Transfer switch is an ultra high speed switch which provides power to devices from one or two sources ensuring that if there is failure to any one source, power is retained to the device. It has an inbuilt pdu that provides Unit level metering (A, V, kVA, kW, kWh) with support for plug-and-play environmental sensors and USB ports for wifi or webcams. PX3TS-1000 models do not support outlet metering or remote switching.

  • Load transfer times 4.8ms
  • Reliable transfer between sources regardless of phase.
  • Over-sized relays (rated 48A) and SCRs (rated 70A)
  • Eliminates electrical arcing that leads to transfer relay failure
  • 3.3mm vs. typical 0.6mm contact air gap to prevent arcing due to surges.
  • Inlet surge protection and field replaceable, fast-blow fuses for short circuit protection.
  • Inlet or outlet-level metering and switching, with power quality monitoring.
  • User configurable thresholds for power quality.
  • Ethernet, Modbus, and SNMP networking.
  • USB ports for Wi-Fi, camera, tablet, and cascading.
  • Alarm and status updates via GSM text, email and syslog.
  • Supports Raritan plug-and-play environment sensors.
  • Runs in up to 60' C (UL), 50'C (CE) environment at 85% RH.
  • Energy efficient and produces less heat.
  • 20W power consumption.
  • SecureLock ready to prevent accidental disconnects.
Phase Single phase
Maximum Input Current 32A
Nominal Input Voltage 230V
16 outlets 16 x IEC C-13

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