Raritan PX2-5807T iPDU

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Raritan PX2-5807T - 1PH, 230V AC, 16A, 20 outlets: 16 x BS1363 Right Angle, 4 x IEC C-19, plug: IEC60309 16A, Top Fed, 3.8kVA, Zero U vertical PDU, Ethernet, serial, USB-A, USB-B and sensor connections

Raritan PX is an intelligent power distribution unit (PDU) that allows you to reboot remote servers and other network devices and/or to monitor power in the data center.The intended use of the Raritan PX is distribution of power to information technology equipment such as computers and communication equipment where such equipment is typically mounted in an equipment rack located in an information technology equipment room.Raritan offers different types of PX units -- some are outlet-switching capable, and some are not. With the outlet-switching function, you can recover systems remotely in the event of system failure and/or system lockup, eliminate the need to perform manual intervention or dispatch field personnel, reduce downtime and mean time to repair, and increase productivity.

Energy Metering: Voltage (V), Current (A), Active Power (kW), Real Power (kVA), Energy (kWh), Power Factor
Metering Accuracy: ISO/IEC 62053-21 1%
Metering per Input Line: Yes
Metering per Branch Circuit Breaker: Yes
Metering per Output Receptacle: Yes
Remote Outlet Switching: Yes
Environmental Sensor Ready: Yes
Networking: 10/100 BaseT Ethernet. Optional WiFi (802.11a/b/g/n)
Remote Management: HTTP(s); SSH; Telnet; RS-232 (Serial); Power IQ; SNMP version v2/v3; SMTP; JSON-RPC
Cascading: Yes, Max 8 PDUs can be daisy chained using a single Ethernet connection
Onboard Display: 3-digit user-selectable display (can be selected between Manual and Auto Display Mode).
Can display Line voltage, Line current, CB Current (if IPDU supports CB), Unit active
power, Outlet Voltage, Outlet Current, and Outlet Active power
Compatible Sensors: Temperature, Humidity, Air Flow, Static Pressure
Single cable connection provides temp/humidity monitoring at three points in cabinet (with a single sensor assembly)

Inputs 230V

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