KVM Solutions for Control Room

Increase Efficiency, Collaboration, & Security in the Control Room

High-performance Control Room KVM solutions make it easy for control room operators to access all mission-critical systems from their workspace.

High-performance KVM for control rooms also enables reduced CapEx by enabling shared access to expensive computing resources or software applications. IT security and maintenance is also improved by having all critical computing assets in a secure location that can be accessed by technicians without disrupting control room personnel.

Control Room KVM solutions are ideal for use in

  • Broadcast Live Production and Post-production

  • Military Command and Control Centres

  • Industrial Control Rooms

  • Traffic Management Centres

  • Air Traffic Control

  • Power Station

  • 9-1-1 and Real-Time Crime Centers (RTCC)

  • Emergency operations centres (EOC)

  • Transportation Control Rooms

  • Security Operations Centres (SOC)

  • Secure Data Centers

Improve Efficiency and Collaboration

  • Smart switching systems and workplace Video Walls improve global collaboration, providing a holistic view for more effective decision making.

  • Operator access to all systems from one keyboard and mouse enables control of multiple systems seamlessly and in real-time, ensuring accuracy and improving response times in emergency situations.

  • Flexible working environments free from excessive heat and noise enable workers to react rapidly as a team, with improved concentration and accuracy.

Increase ROI

  • A growing workforce means systems need to expand flexibly to allow for further sharing of data and functionality.

  • Large scale networks can be implemented with a KVM high-performance, digital matrix solutions capable of handling multiple switching and routing functions simultaneously.

Improve Efficiency and Collaboration

  • Systems cannot fail and must be fully functional around the clock.

  • Virtualized systems put greater emphasis on the need for robustness and uncompromised availability as systems scale-up.

  • KVM solutions deliver reliable connectivity with multilayer systems offering full redundancy and synchronized control.