HP JG350A 006052285 1910-8G-PoE+ (180W) Switch

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  • 8 x RJ45 + 1 x SFP
  • Lifetime Warranty with Next Day Replacement
  • 512KB Buffer Memory
  • PoE

The HPE 1910 Switch Series consists of advanced smart-managed fixed-configuration Gigabit and Fast Ethernet switches designed for small businesses in an easy-to-administer solution. By utilizing the latest design in silicon technology, this series is one of the most power efficient in the market. The series has 13 switches: eight Gigabit Ethernet and five Fast Ethernet models. The 8-, 16-, 24-, and 48-port 10/100/1000 models are equipped with additional Gigabit SFP ports for fiber connectivity; in addition to non-PoE models, the 8- and 24-port Gigabit Ethernet models are available with PoE (at two different levels) or without PoE. The 10/100 models are available with 8, 24 and 48 ports, and come with two additional combination uplink ports. The 8- and 24-port Fast Ethernet models are available with or without PoE. The HPE 1910 Switch Series provides a great value, and includes features to satisfy even the most advanced small businessnetwork. All models support rack mounting or desktop operation. Customizable features include basic Layer 2 features like VLANs and link aggregation, as well as advanced features such as Layer 3 static routing, IPv6, ACLs, and Spanning Tree Protocols. The switches come with a limited lifetime warranty covering the unit, fans, and power supplies.

  • Simple Web Management – Allows for easy management of the switch- even by nontechnical users- through an intuitive Web GUI; http and secure http (https) is supported
  • Single IP Management – Enables management of up to four HP 1910 devices using a single Web interface; simplifies management of multiple devices
  • Secure Web GUI – provides a secure, easy-to-use graphical interface for configuring the module via HTTPS
  • SNMPv1, v2c, and v3 – Facilitates management of the switch, as the device can be discovered and monitored from an SNMP management station
  • Complete Session Logging – Provides detailed information for problem identification and resolution
  • Dual Flash Images – Provides independent primary and secondary operating system files for backup while upgrading
  • Port Mirroring – Enables traffic on a port to be simultaneously sent to a network analyzer for monitoring
  • Management Security – Restricts access to critical configuration commands; offers multiple privilege levels with password protection; ACLs provide telnet and SNMP access; local and remote syslog capabilities allow logging of all access
  • Network Time Protocol (NTP) – Synchronizes timekeeping among distributed time servers and clients; keeps timekeeping consistent among all clock-dependent devices within the network so that the devices can provide diverse applications based on the consistent time
  • IEEE 802.1AB Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) – Advertises and receives management information from adjacent devices on a network, facilitating easy mapping by network management applications
  • Limited CLI – Enables users to quickly deploy and troubleshoot devices in the network
  • RMON – Provides advanced monitoring and reporting capabilities for statistics, history, alarms, and events
  • Default DHCP Client Mode – Allows the switch to be directly connected to a network, enabling plug-and-play operation; in absence of DHCP server on the network, the switch will fallback to a unique static address determined by the MAC address of the switch

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