Enterprise Storage Solutions

Virtual Machine Storage & Container-Based Storage Solutions

Enterprise storage is a broad category of technology that includes products and services designed to assist large organizations with saving and retrieving digital information.

Enterprise storage system involves the use of a storage area network (SAN), rather than a distributed storage system, and includes benefits such as high availability and disaster recovery, data sharing, and efficient, reliable backup and restoration functions, as well as centralized administration and remote support. Through the SAN, multiple paths are created to all data, so that failure of a server never results in a loss of access to critical information.

To address the growing interest in agile, high-volume enterprise storage systems, innovative software companies are building applications to exploit the capabilities of this technology. We work with you to integrate storage solutions into the wider IT infrastructure, taking advantage of technology advances, such as solid-state drives, cloud-based consolidated storage infrastructure, database backup and recovery systems, archiving systems and more.

Benefits of Enterprise Storage: On-Premises or Cloud Deployment?

Organizations can choose to purchase and deploy on-premises enterprise storage systems, or they can choose to store their data with an external cloud computing service. The advantage of on-premises data with an external cloud computing service. The advantage of on-premises enterprise storage is that the organization retains complete control of the hardware and data, satisfying some security and compliance concerns.

On the other hand, cloud-based enterprise storage simplifies storage management and may lower costs in some cases. Some companies take a hybrid approach and use a combination of both on-premise and cloud-based storage.