DC Migration

Data centre migrations can be challenging but rewarding projects for enterprises and service providers looking to save money, a better fit with their supplier or flexibility their current provider can’t offer.

Migrating an entire data center environment to the cloud or another location is a large-scale, comprehensive process. Completing such a migration project successfully—with minimal downtime or disruption to operations—requires careful planning and coordination.

There are so many diverse components involved that it’s often a question of when, not if, something will go wrong. Unplanned financial, time and physical risks can delay or even scuttle a move overnight. Our experienced data center migration professionals, with an average of 11 years of experience each, are well-equipped to help you get it done, on time and within budget.

Our Data Center migration experts use a repeatable, proven process that assures the highest levels of availability, the lowest risk and the fastest migration times possible.

We offer end to end management of your entire data center move. From simple to complex migrations, we can ensure turnkey deployments from start to finish.

We support organisations with the physical movement of their equipment. We can provide end-to-end physical solutions covering everything from initial discovery auditing to the delivery of full cabling solutions.

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