Data Center Strategy and Planning

Evaluating Your Data Center Strategy to Optimize Cloud Service Delivery and Move toward a Software-Defined Infrastructure.

These days, IT is expected to serve as a strategic partner for business innovation, while at the same time keeping the business running and reducing operating costs. At the focal point of this dilemma is the data center, traditionally a workhorse for enterprises that increasingly need more of a racehorse for rapid innovation and business opportunity.

Enterprise data centers must evolve to provide the agility and efficiency that accelerate business growth. Powerful technologies already exist to facilitate rapid service delivery— for example, cloud computing, high-performance computing, and big data. These technologies provide huge opportunities for companies that can deploy them successfully.

Data center technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, and keeping up is one of the greatest challenges IT faces today. This planning guide looks at the issues behind data center optimization—transforming your data center to meet the requirements of today’s business while laying the groundwork for a next-generation data center that supports even greater business innovation and efficiency.

Your data center optimization strategy is critical for your IT organization to stay competitive. By rapidly implementing or brokering the breakthrough solutions your business users need and offering services that help your company maintain governance, security, and compliance requirements, you can partner effectively with line-of-business managers.

In turn, your business users will have less need to go out and buy services directly from a public cloud provider because they are faster and cheaper. In addition, you’ll be able to protect data and intellectual property (IP) more effectively, as well as improve utilization of internal resources.

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