Converged Power Solutions

Converged Power Solutions (CPS)

Converged Power Solutions offer a modular and flexible infrastructure to meet all data center power requirements within IT, telecom, cloud and banking sectors. It provides an unprecedented power availability for telecom, IT and cooling equipment in a very power dense solution.

It offers unmatched availability, scalability and compactness compared to traditional systems – in a simpler way, and at a lower total cost of ownership. It is designed to power your data centers into the future – and is available today.

The Converged Power System is a 380Vdc system busbar and battery voltage, matching the new high voltage DC UPS standard for data center and ICT applications. In its basic configuration, the CPS is a pure 380Vdc rectifier system with batteries and DC distribution feeding power to the server rooms with a minimum of conduction and conversion losses. The rectifier system is based on Elteks well proven High Efficiency technology in a truly modular and scalable configuration.

Key Features
Combined VAC and 48Vdc UPS with up to 100kW total capacity
Two cabinet solution including batteries & distribution
Cost effective, high quality solution for pure AC UPS applications
Optional rectifier system connected to diesel genset
Compatible with the Infrasuite Building Management System
  •    End-of-row power system in data centers, feeding a mix of AC and DC equipment.
  •    Containerized, modular data center solutions.