Asset Management

Tracking and maintaining data center assets is becoming more complex where data center asset management solutions simplify the management of assets, ensuring optimal utilization of all resources in data centers.

DCIM software allows you to effectively manage your entire physical and virtual compute infrastructure including data center, colocation, and edge.

Asset Management for the Modern Data Center

Track detailed information on all your data center infrastructure assets and even add your own custom fields

  • Detailed information about assets and environment.

  • Robust dashboards and reporting.

  • Support for goods receiving, provisioning, changes, tech refresh, decommission.

  • Visualize space, cooling, power, network connections, storage and virtualization.

  • Proactive versus reactive data center management

  • Accurate data center lifespan prediction

  • Coordinate activities across independent departmental resources

  • Ensure change management requests are compiled correctly and in a timely manner

  • Deliver end-to-end visibility of time & costs

  • Visibility of physical connectivity dependencies

  • Complete logging of all asset changes

  • Visibility of physical connectivity dependencies

  • Assurance proper configuration was executed according to request

  • Automated reports reduce hundreds of man hours for manual process

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